UCL Summer Festival

The summer festival program is a group of activities and functions that take place during the summer months.  Past functions include the LCSC Summer Festival and Arts in the Park.

Miss Lao of Washington Pageant

This is an opportunity for yound women to come together to participate in a pagent program that include projects that will assist Lao cummunity across the region.

Cultural Preservation

Cultural and heritage is a key component of who we are and it is critical that these activities stay visible and continue to be a part of our daily lives.

Economic Development

This is a future program that will focus on professional and business development.  Mentorship, professional networking, skills develoment and business development are some of the areas that will be part of this program.

Family Services

This program will focus on assisting families in multiple areas.  Past activities include the pop-up food distribution and rental assistance.

Lao Language Class

As our community continue to grow and expand, it is important that we continue to provide opportunities for people learn the Lao language.  This is a critical component to ensuring that multi-generational families are able to properly communicate.  This will also facilitate the process of passing on our culture and heritage from older to younger generations.